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Shift IT provides professional services to implement the Google Apps technology according to your business process. We provide tailored training and support contracts for your organization.

Google Apps Deployment

We have a proven methodology for successful implementation of Google Applications in your business. Our team of professionals will spend time with you understanding your business requirements. Our services ensure the transition to Google Applications is completed with very little impact to your operations.


The success of the implementation always depends on the users’ understanding of the software. Engaging with our professional trainers, your organization will be further empowered in utilizing the software. Knowledgeable Google Apps users will drastically increase your organization’s productivity.

IT Support

Email, messaging, and collaboration solutions are critical business services that must be available and reliable. Google offers unprecedented 99.9% up-time for the software. In the event your business requires additional support, shift IT provides customized support contracts to match your business requirements.

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